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Luxman K-110 Cassette Deck - Excellent Condition With Manual - This Luxman K-110 Cassette Deck is a auto-reverse stereo cassette deck with Dolby B/C and HX-Pro noise reduction. It was made in Japan and first sold by Luxman in 1987 with a list price of USD $480. These were sold until approximately 1994. The Luxman K-110 has 2 heads, multi tape type selection, capable of handling normal, chrome and metal tapes. Its a belt driven single-capstan transport system. This is a typical front loading cassette deck.


It is in excellent overall working and physical condition. the unit was serviced by DALAUDIO in March of 2023. It will easily drag a 90 or 120 min tape. All functions are operative. Please bring your own tape to test if desired. It has a headphone jack for ease in testing or use.


Cash Sale. No Holds. Call or Text.



Number of inputs: 2 RCA Line In: 100 mV, 47 kOhm / Din

Number of outputs: 2 RCA Line Out: 500 mV, 2.4 kOhm /Din

Headphones (6.3mm jack):



Audio heads: 2 - 1x Hexalam recording / playback and 1x ferrite erase head

Motors: 2 1x direct drive servo motor for play / 1x DC servo motor for rewinding

Tape speed: 4,75 cm / s

Synchronization fluctuation: 0,05 % * Belt type: 0,05



Auto-Reverse Cassette Tape Deck

Touch key operation

Dolby B + C, HX Pro

Timer controlled recording and playback

Tape types: Normal: Type I , Cr02: Type II, Metal: Type IV

Luxman K-110 Cassette Deck - Excellent Condition With Manual

SKU: K-110
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