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DALAUDIO LLC owns and operates DALAUDIO and related websites. The business is located at 638 Moore Rd Avon Lake, Ohio 44012 - Unit C. 


Contact information  
DALAUDIO LLC Audio and Services - 
Text or Phone: 440-250-8774    


DALAUDIO LLC  is dedicated to offering quality products and services. Our audio projects are inspired by the sound dynamics of equipment costing many times more. DALAUDIO's rock solid designs are found in high quality professional audio gear, world wide studios and thousands of custom projects. Our gear is tested by design, and quality checked by ear, in our Ohio Workshop. ​DALAUDIO products offers audiophiles quality sound, USA craftsmanship, and is backed by a rock solid 5 Year Warranty. Let DALAUDIO's 39 years of technical and manufacturing expertise help define your new audio experience.  ​​

The eProSellers brand on eBay has been highly rated and regarded since 2006. We are celebrating our 18th year of operation. eProSellers served thousands of satisfied clients on the buy and sell side of transactions. The eProSellers brand operates multiple sales and social channels including: 

  • Top Rated PowerSeller on eBay  

  • DALAUDIO and eProsellers Marketplace & Web Site 

  • Facebook and other Social Sales Channels

  • Local Classified Websites 

  • Internally Developed Private Client Channels      

Our management has over 40 years of experience delivering value to commercial and consumer markets. We desire to build long-term relationships with clients. We take pride in our service and strive to please each customer to the point that they would feel comfortable recommending us to others. 


DALAUDIO LLC - Sales And Services  -  Contact Us Today 

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