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The Grayhill/DALAUDIO DALSEL42061-R1.0 selector PCB designed by DALAUDIO for audio amplifiers, preamps, input selectors and other audio devices.

The DALSEL42061-R1.0 was designed exclusively for use with the Grayhill 71BDF30-02-2-AJN. This rotary switch has 2 decks. Each deck is a DP6T Switch. Each of the 2 decks allows for 2 to 6 dual inputs /outputs (for a collective total of 4 inputs or outputs to be switched on each position) or any number desired through the use of the Grayhill "programming stops kit".

Note 1: This PCB was made for balanced connections, with proper knowledge and planning these can easily be used to switch balanced connections as each position switches 4 contacts (2 per deck).

The selector kit includes 2 small pins (easily lost so please use tweezers) that are placed in the 12 holes in body of the selector and then sealed in place with the reflective pre punched tape prior to installation on the PCB. Please see photos.

Note 2: Soldering is required for use of this part kit.

Details: The small pins restrict the selector shaft full 360 degree travel, in 30 degree increments (12 holes x 30 degrees = 360 degrees). You can choose the number of position clockwise or counterclockwise at your option. Then you can utilize those solder positions representing your choice on the PCB. The selector shaft is .250" (635) D Style for an indexing or set screw for the knob that must be .250". The shaft is about 9.39mm or .360" long. The through hole for chassis mounting is .350 but again it has a flat to keep it solidly in place. The Grayhill datasheet can go a long way to help your project for all exact dimension! You can find it by just searching the part number for the switch below. Send us a message in advance if you need more detail prior to purchase.

Suggestions: It is best to work out the number of positions desired, location of positioning of the stop pins, PCB solder points that correspond to the switch locations with a VOM or continuity meter, prior to making any faceplate design decisions, holes or layout, so that you can mount the board and switch in the proper orientation to the faceplate numbering or lettering.

Included in this kit

  • PCB DALSEL42061-R1.0 a High Quality DALAUDIO Designed Fiberglass
  • 71BDF30-02-2-AJN. - Grayhill Selector
  • 2 Pins and metallic adhesive tape seal for pins
  • Fastening nut (.560") and lockwasher

Specs for the Grayhill Selector Rotary Switches

  • Series 71
  • Number of Positions 2 ~ 6
  • Index Stops: Adjustable
  • Number of Decks: 2
  • Number of Poles per Deck: 2
  • Circuit per Deck: DP6T
  • Contact Timing: Non-Shorting (BBM)
  • Current Rating (Amps):250mA (AC/DC)
  • Voltage Rating - AC 115 V
  • Voltage Rating - DC 30 V
  • Actuator Type: Flatted (6.35mm Dia)
  • Actuator Length 9.53mm
  • Angle of Throw: 30°
  • Contact Material: Silver Alloy
  • Mounting Type: Panel Mount
  • Termination Style: Solder Pin
  • Depth Behind Panel: 19.33mm
  • Base Product Number 71BD30 

Grayhill Rotary Selector 71BDF30-02 Switch + DALAUDIO PCB - Audio Selector Kit

SKU: Drawers
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