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EPI 1" Replacement Tweeters 1970s -1980s - We have three tweeters for EPI Speakers we are selling. All Tested. Getting harder to find good ones!


Cash Sale No Holds Call or Text for pick-up

Qty (1) 1980s EPI Time Energy Tweeter 1985 Vintage For Model T/E 100 T/E 70 OEM s1 - $45

Qty (2) 1970s EPI and Epicure speakers1" air spring tweeter found in most 1970s early EPI and Epicure speakers, characterized by a 5" diameter faceplate made of Masonite. Both Tested - $45 each

EPI Epicure Replacement Tweeters 1970s -1980s - Priced each

SKU: 306C - Tweeter Box
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