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The Designer Series 3150 - Amplifier and Passive Controller was created for passionate craftsman and form + function designers who create works of art with integrated audio. Offered through exclusive Design Partners, these modular products include amps, quick connecting controls, installation details, and standardized templates. All designed to provide HiFi Audiophile quality and fast simple integration. Design Partner works are centered in Modern, Mid-Century Modernism, 50-60s Audio Gear, and contemporary urban architecture. The works feature a wide palette of reused, repurposed, trendy, natural, or otherwise non-traditional amplifier materials. 

The Designer Series: Safe, reliable audiophile quality sound for critical listeners who prefer style + function. 


  • 50 Watts Per Channel 
  • 3 RCA Inputs (2 MV standard CD, AUX, iPod etc) 
  • 1 Output (for Sub or secondary amp with fixed) 
  • Source Selector and Volume Control
  • Complete installation kit (Mounting Screws, Connectors, Manual and Instructions)  

DESIGNER SERIES DS-3150 LM3886 AMPLIFIER - Contact us for details

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