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A fun little Class-D two channel amp built in our compact, super solid Studio half chassis. Triple the fun with three inputs and volume control! Utilizes the popular TP2050 & TC2000 chips, via Sure 2x100W @ 4 Ohm TK2050 amp board. Except for the soundstage / stereo image deficiencies common to digital amps, the sound quality is pretty good...until you really crank it and the distortion becomes present. Power is respectable, but we find the 100W spec to be overrated. While we believe this amp is not in the same league as our analog LM chip-based amplifiers, we do see some practical applications, particularly where battery power is desired. Let us know if you're interested.



  • Tripath TP2050 and TC2000 chips.
  • External power supply, 12-30V
  • Black powder coat chassis is sealed; cooling via internal fan and heat sink.
  • Greyhill selector and board.
  • Rotary encoder board for infinite rotation Volume control.
  • High quality RCA input and binding post output terminals
  • Specs for the Sure TK2050 amp board are easily found through internet search.



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