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The Retro Dynaco-style Gainclone LM3875 Chip Amplifier by DALAUDIO exceeds 100 watts across 2 channels, and delivers clean detailed sound for your critical listening pleasure. Inspired by the sound quality of amps costing five times as much, our design has been used on many high quality professional audio projects. Built by hand, tested with patience, and auditioned by ear with meticulous care in our Ohio workshop. This is a fully tested prototype amplifier ready to inspire. 



  • Built with the infamous LM3875 National Semiconductor Overture Series Gainclone Amplifier Chip.
  • Retro style chassis of black powder coat steel with black perforated cover.
  • High quality capacitors, resistors, and components throughout. 
  • Dimensions: Length (Front) 13" x Depth (speaker/switch)10.25" x (Height) 4" 

For the technically inclined 

  • The DALAUDIO LM3875 Retro Amplifier (tm) utilizes high quality printed circuit boards in a non-inverted design, which to us simply sounds better.
  • Chip Amp type: Two (2) National Semiconductor LM series LM3875 - High-Performance 56W Audio Power Amplifiers with a total power output in excess of 100 watts (50 watts per channel) to 8 Ohm load
  • Main Board: DALAUDIO designed form factor high quality printed circuit boards that feature a minimum of point to point wiring to eliminate the possibility of noise.
  • Power Supply: Dual Snubber inspired power supply utilizes 2 sets of four MUR860 diodes. Filtering is accomplished through 4.7 UF 100V capacitors on PSU board.
  • Transformer (Mains): (Toroidal) 22v/22v
  • Speaker Terminal Type: Standard Color Coded Black and Red - For direct wire compression or banana plug
  • Audio Input Jacks: Standard Gold plated (color coded insert) RCA jacks
  • Heat Sink: Internal extruded configuration, allows more than adequate cooling. (actual sink size may vary slightly from pictured)
  • Power Input: Removable IEC 3 prong power cord with ground and integral power switch
  • Fuse: 2 amp bus removable – supplied but not installed
  • Output and Operating Characteristics per NS Data sheet: The LM3875 is capable of delivering 56W of continuous average power to an 8 Ohm load with 0.1% THD+N from 20Hz to 20kHz.
  • For more info see the LM3875 specs on our Gainclone FAQ page.


To maximize the potential of this amplifier, the peripheral equipment must have a good detailed source. If a noisy preamp is used (as this is only an amplifier it does not have any volume control or source buffering or equalization) a lackluster sound will result. Likewise with detailed sound, the amp will produce detail out. And the sound is fast as it is detailed. With no input the amp will be dead quiet.

These amps must be powered up with no source input volume. We have limited noise reduction filters to provide the best possible sound. Pops may be heard if you power up the units with the source active.


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