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Aragon 3 Channel Power Amp Mondial Designs 8008X3 - Fully Tested By DALAUDIO. This is a superb sounding amplifier, well built, with quality components throughout. We were impressed with the build quality and sound of this unit. This unit has single ended RCA connections.


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  • 3 channels - can be used as a 2 ch or 3 ch amp
  • 200 watts x 3 at 8 ohms
  • 400 watts x 3 at 4 ohms


Notable Components Include: 

  • Each Channel has Qty (6) Toshiba 2SA1302 Discrete Semi Transistor Silicon PNP Epitaxial Type and Qty (6) complimentary Toshiba 2SC3281 Transistors. Each Capable of 100 Watts 
  • Massive 2000VA Tibi Toroidal Transformer - Again Massive. 
  • Qty 6 Cornell Dubilier 80V 18,000 uf Filter Capacitors (96000uf!)  
  • Wima Caps throughout 
  • Vishay and Riken Resistors Throughout 
  • Massive heatsinks on all three channels 



The heatsinks are designed to keep the output devices temperatures as close to identical as possible. The 8008XS runs hot, even in idle, which suggests the output stage is biased well into class-A. Like most amplifiers, it switches to class-AB at higher output powers.


The power supply was claimed to be the largest which can make full use of a domestic, 15A, 120V power line. The supply is based on a single 2000VA toroidal transformer. There are separate transformer windings for each channel, along with separate rectification and filter capacitance. The input stages are fully discrete, running in class-A, and each channel has its own circuit board for improved isolation. A new DC servo circuit allows the 8008X3 to operate down to 5Hz. This circuit disconnects the loudspeakers if any energy—including DC—is sensed below that frequency. The amplifier is designed to drive low impedance loads. he single power supply cand direct all of its efforts into a single channel if need be, a feature my dual-mono version does not offer.


Precision matching is performed on all transistors, and gold, silver, or palladium is used on all contacts. Mil-spec or medical-spec parts are used throughout, including silver-composite, Teflon-insulated wiring. All resistors are epoxy-sealed, which according to Mondial, ensures a consistent 1% tolerance in all climatic conditions.


The rear panel of the 8008 has unbalanced RCA input jacks. The sturdy unbalanced RCA style inputs correspond to the same number of outputs, and standard gold-plated binding posts accept banana plugs, spades, or bare wire. The power cord is detachable.



The 8008X3 sounds identical to the 8008s. The high end was full of detail, and in our opinion produced one of the best-sounding top ends i have heard in a multi channel amp. We tested with a trio of power hungry M&K LCR speakers. As with other Aragons we have tested, sound outstanding, with smooth "zip" on hard transients. There were, indeed, times when the Aragon sounded so refined it provided convincing details that make one remember. Keep in mind, it is not soft-sounding, so tube lovers may not appreciate the way it lays bare the flaws in source material. With good recordings it never sounded edgy, bright, hard, or grainy. The 8008's bottom end was a real surprise, an effective combination of tightness and body, richness and detail. Bass quality depends very much on the loudspeaker/amplifier match. The soundstage was all I could wish for, and when the program material allowed, imaging and depth were both first-rate.

he single power supply cand direct all of it’s efforts into a single channel if need be, a feature my dual-mono BB version didn’t offer.



- Three channel

- Rated power: 200 WPC continuous into 8 ohms (23dBW), 400 WPC into 4 ohms

- Rated full-power bandwidth: 5Hz-20kHz. S/N Ratio: >110dB, A-weighted.

- THD: 0.05%, 5Hz-20kHz, at full power into 8 ohms.

- Slew rate: >120V/µs.

- Damping factor: >500

- Input impedance: 22k ohms.

- Input sensitivity: 1.68V for full output.

- Power consumption: 1500W.

- Dimensions: 19" W by 16.6 D by 8.25" H. - Weight: 67 lbs.

- Price: $2899 .

- Manufacturer: (1996) Mondial Designs Limited, Dobbs Ferry, NY.


One more thing. The output is as quiet as any other amplifier I’ve tested. However, the massive transformer generates electro mechanical noise if placed on a resonating surface or cabinet. It's very difficult to pick up but I suggest a rubber mat or feet it if does.

Aragon 8008X3 Mondial Designs Power Amplifier 3 Channel 200WPC

SKU: 8008X3
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