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ADS L-520 High Fidelity Loudspeaker System - 2 Way Speakers - Fully tested by DALAUDIO and ready to go. It is important to note that ADS manufactured all of the drivers used in its speakers. While the seeming 2 way acoustic suspension design has been executed many ways, ADS took extreme measure to insure optimum performance. This is an exceptional well cared for pair with very minor signs of use. The cabinets are very presentable. The speaker terminals were replaced with a high quality set of superior terminals.

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A bit about the speakers:

The Tweeter - The L520 has a ADS 1-inch acoustic suspension soft-dome tweeter, which accounts for their ultra-clean, "airy" high-frequency response. This unit's small diameter and precise shape results in high-frequency extension and wide, uniform dispersion. The dome is constructed of a super-light fabric-like material coated with a proprietary "sticky" damping compound, aided by a powerful Barium Ferrite magnet. ADS 1-inch tweeters deliver superb high-frequency extension, excellent transient response, extremely low distortion and high efficiency.

The Woofer - The L520s 8-inch diameter woofers feature ADS tapered Stifflite, a relatively thick material formed of air-filled, randomly-oriented pulp fiber in a unique lightweight durable construction. Coupled to each cone are a low-mass high-temperature metal voice coil at one end, and a highly flexible and uniform rubber surround at the other. The voice coils feature two layers of windings, and are precision-aligned into deep, narrow magnetic gaps coupled with Barium Ferrite magnets. The result is a driver with low moving mass, high efficiency, and exceptional power handling capability. Their efficiency and power-handling combine to give the L620 unusually wide dynamic range.

The Crossover Network - ADS advanced driver technology, are free of excessive complexity and have the lowest power loss and distortion figures in the industry. The network components are of the finest quality. All critical capacitors, for example, are computer-grade metalized polyester-film. Bass section inductors are extra-heavy-gauge copper wire and special low saturation, low dynamic distortion ferrite cores. All high-frequency inductors are air-core designs. The coils, as a result, are extremely linear over the system's operating range and have the lowest measured DC resistance among modern production loudspeakers.

Advanced Acoustic Suspension Design - ADS speakers employ the acoustic (air) suspension principle. The L620s are demonstrably more efficient than other acoustic suspension systems of comparable bass performance. This enables the L520 to be driven to startling sound levels with amplifiers as small as 15 watts per channel, an important economic consideration since amplifier power is not a cheap commodity. ADS acoustic suspension design, furthermore, ensures maximum bas accuracy and extension.

The Enclosure/Grill -The L520 enclosures are precision-constructed from 3/4-inch extra-high-density particle board, which provides the mass, rigidity and acoustical properties necessary to keep sonic coloration to an absolute minimum. They are beautifully finished in select natural walnut. The drivers are carefully flush-mounted onto the piano-finish front baffle to minimize surface diffraction effects. The curved metal grille is acoustically transparent, and it eliminates the need for frames and supports, which cause further diffractive interference in conventional grille designs.

Tweeter protection - The tweeter is the most likely driver to be damaged by amplifier misbehavior (including clipping and oscillating) or abuse, the L520s have tweeter protection fuses located in special compartments on their rear panels. Spare fuses are included in these compartments for convenience.

Sound Accuracy - Sonic accuracy is often defined as a lack of recognizable character. Since ADS believes that speakers should be transducers rather than sound generators, it should not be surprising that the L520 sound remarkably similar to one another. And you will find this sound exciting and spectacular only if you find live music exciting and spectacular. If these speakers have a sonic "signature" at all , it is their transparent, effortless and neutral sound character, a feature common to all ADS speakers.

Specs Per ADS:
Type: 2 way, 2 driver loudspeaker system
Frequency Response: 35Hz to 20kHz
Power Handling: 50W nominal to 100W peak
Crossover Frequency: 1500 Hz
Impedance: 6Ω (4 Ohm Min.)
Sensitivity: 92dB
Bass: 1 x 8" cone
Tweeter: 1 x 1" soft dome
Finish: natural walnut veneer
Dimensions: 21-5/8 x 12-1/4 x 10-1/2 inches
Weight: 14kg
Year: 1982

ADS L-520 High Fidelity Speakers - Excellent Condition

SKU: L-520 Consign
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