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Soundcraftsmen Phase Control Regulation Mosfet Stereo Amplifier -Model PM860. This is a professional 600-watt (4 ohm) MOSFET power amplifier in working condition. The unit is 100% original down to the 12 Hitachi J50/K135 Complementary Transistors. It was carefully powered up, cleaned and adjusted. We listened to it for 3 business days, without any spurious noises or issues. The power capacitors are the original 11,000uF 75V with no leaks with a pass on ESR value and the Curve Tracer indicates working with life left in them. No transistor suffered from gain fatigue or age as the output was 204W per ch RMS (at 1K sine) at 8 Ohms. The PCR temp and voltage settings were adjusted per the manual spec. DC offset is low, both channels are within 3.4% of spec.

Physical condition: Given this PM860 is a working unit, if you feel inclined to do a 100% rebuild - this is your candidate. Faceplate is decent, with typical shipping (see photos) - the removable cabinet cover was poorly painted is rough and should be refinished. It's not a tough of a job, but it is a bit tedious, requiring sandpaper, primer and paint. You will have a decent looking amp when completed. I discounted the amp 25% due to the cover finish.

Cash Sale No Holds Call or Text - Price Firm.

More info about the unit - The Soundcraftsmen PM860 was positioned as an overbuilt, tough to destroy, powerful amp. Its generally known that these amps run without shutting down even at the lowest speaker impedances. The PM860 has 6 output transistors per channel. It uses phase control regulation to regulate running voltage and self adjusts to temperature sensed at different spots on the heatsink and transformer. The PM860 is a workhorse that outputs 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 300 watts into 4 ohms. While this is a fan cooled (pro audio) amplifier, is is a very quiet fan, you may not hear it unless you are next to it.

Dimensions: 8.5" wide x 4.5" tall, 13" deep (plus connectors).
Connectors: Speaker Banana 5 Way, and 1/4" single ended inputs (with supplied 1/4" to RCA inputs adapters.

-205 watt RMS per channel 8 ohm, 315 watt RMS per channel 4 ohm, 450 watt per channel 2 ohm
-THD <0.05%
-IMD <0.05%
-TIM immeasurable
-S/N >105 dB
-Damping factor >250
-Slew rate >40 V/uS
-Rise time -Frequency response +/- 0.1dB 20hz-20khz

Soundcraftsmen- PM860 600-watt 4 Ohm MOSFET Stereo Power Amp

SKU: FOS-35141
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